Website Review-FAQs

Website Reviews


What is a website review or site audit?

A website review or site audit is a review of the performance of the content of the website. It examines how the content reads, how it guides the reader through the sales process and how clearly it is written.


How do I know if I need a website review?

Basically, you need a website review if you are not getting the results you want. Some of those reasons could be:

You have plenty of visits on your website but no sales

Search engines can’t find your website

An inexperienced person wrote your content for you or you did it yourself

Your website is stuffed with keywords

Confusing or cluttered pages with no clear call-to-action


What is the process in a website review?

It’s a thorough process. I use a 35- point checklist to review your website for web best practices and clarity, consistency and customer focused content. I write up a detailed report on the strengths and opportunities I have found through my review and provide a customized list of keywords to boost SEO traffic. I conclude the report with a summary of my findings.


How long does this process take?

The length of the process is determined by how many pages of website are reviewed.  On average, it takes one to two weeks.


Is it possible to only have the main pages of my website reviewed?



Once you have completed the report and made recommendations for improvement, can you make the changes or do I need to hire someone else?

Per your request, I can submit a proposal to make the recommended changes.


You only review for content, what if there are design problems?

I believe in offering my clients as much assistance as possible. My team includes web designers, web developers, Google Ad words experts and graphic designers that can assist in getting your website functioning properly to get you the best results.


What geographic location do you work in?

I work with businesses anywhere in the United States and any country outside of the U.S. if they are English speaking.


How do I communicate with you?

I communicate by phone, email, Skype or text- whatever works best for you. Finalized website review reports are emailed or faxed to you.


How do you bill when your team is involved?

The additional services are all packaged as one. Since we work as a team I can keep track of the project time line. The project is billed the same as if it were only me. (See How do you bill? below)


How do you bill?

My projects are billed 50% at the beginning and the remaining 50% when the project is completed. Depending on the circumstance I can break the payments into thirds- one third at the beginning, one third about midway through the project and the final one third upon completion of the project. Project must be paid in full to be released to you.


What are your accepted forms of payment?

Presently I am using PayPal. You can use your own credit card or PayPal. If you pay by check, work will begin once the check clears.


How soon can you start on my website review?

That will depend on my current workload. Please contact me to get on the schedule.


I am ready to get started, what should I do?

Contact me either through my contact form or call me, Sabrina Llorance, at 804-527-1588.