Website Review

A website review or audit is a professional content review of your site.  It identifies areas that need improvement such as search engine rankings, traffic leads and sales. The review is based on web best practices and information you provide related to your particular goals. website review

A website review is used when the desired results are not being achieved.

For example:

  • Website is getting lots of hits but very few sales
  • Website used to get lots of traffic and sales, then an update was done and the sales have dropped off
  • The graphic designer added some great images and the content. Why isn’t the website attracting customers?
  • Lots of keywords were added but the website is still not getting sales.


Know the purpose of your website

One issue of a website not performing to the expected goal is that the primary purpose of the website is absent or unclear. In order for the website to be successful, you have to know the primary purpose of the website. Is it to increase subscribers, make a sale, sign up for newsletters or a receive a gift? Without clear direction, the prospective client will not know what you want them to do and most likely will not stay on the website.

Characteristics of a successful website: 

A.   Appeals to your ideal target customer

B.   Sets the correct tone

C.   Has primary keywords in place that a prospective client would use in searching for you

D.  Is easy to navigate

E.   Has a clear call to action

These are just a few, but very important, things to consider when developing the website.


As a professional website reviewer, I follow web best practices to evaluate how your website measures up, offer sound recommendations based on industry standards and guidelines and stay on top of trends and what works online today. I use a 35-point checklist to review your website.


See Website Review- FAQs for more information



If your website is not performing to your satisfaction, contact me for a  complete content review today.