Use Storytelling to Grow Your Business

Storytelling has been around for centuries. It has been the way history and traditions have been passed down through generations. Stories stick with people. Everyone loves a good story where the underdog finally wins. A well-told story draws us in and we become part of the characters and the situation. We feel the hurt, the agony, the despair and struggles and we rejoice and feel justified when our hero wins-conquering whatever the demon or problem may be.


Telling stories in business work the same way. But they must be exciting, dramatic stories. The story must draw the reader in and keep them there until a solution has evolved. The reader feels a sigh of relief just as our main character does.

How to Use Storytelling to Grow Your Business

But how does this relate to business? How can a story help your business generate leads and increase sales? It’s easy. Tell a story of one of your customers greatest successes with your product or service. Tell it in such a way that once a person starts reading it that can’t stop until they have reached the conclusion. These stories are short enough that they can be read in a matter of minutes. And in just a few minutes your potential client could determine that they want to work with you based on your story.

I’ve read where people say that don’t care what someone else’s problem is and that they finally won over the struggle. Perhaps that’s true. But people do care that you know and understand the struggles they go through. As the saying goes, “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.  Showing you care about the problem and have a deep desire to help overcome the struggle and win is what you must get across to the reader. They must feel your customers pain and your desire to help them through the pain with a solution.


Powerful Storytelling Creates Success


An exceptional story is what makes case studies, often called success stories, better than a testimonial. Testimonials state that you helped someone with your product or service and they are so thankful and happy. That’s great, but it’s not relatable.  It’s not enough information for a B2B company to decide to work with you.

But with a compelling story, one that educates, has feeling and touches a person, a story your reader can relate to-that makes all the difference. It’s true that at least 73% of B2B companies use case studies to help make a buying decision*. Stories sell.  They educate and build trust.

Success stories should be a part of your content marketing strategy. Imagine one story bringing in several new leads that are ready to buy! You don’t have to sell them anymore, your story did that for you.

That’s the power of successful storytelling.


*Source: DemandGen Report – 2016 Content Preferences Survey


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