Case Studies-Frequently Asked Questions

   Frequently Asked Questions


What is a case study?

A case study is a success story. It tells a story of how your product or service provided a successful solution to a client’s problem. They sell your product or service without selling.


How can I use case studies to help my business?

If you are trying to grow your business, case studies will increase your sales. A case study can be used in a variety of ways. Once written it can be shared on your website, as an article in a magazine, online, or as sales information that can be left with a potential client. Any way that you can think of to show a potential client how you will benefit them.


How do I know a case study is right for my business?

Case studies are ideal for any business trying to grow.


Aren’t case studies the same as testimonials?

Not really. Testimonials give a few sentences of how someone was happy using your product or service. Case studies go into much more detail. It gives a background of the company that has the problem, what the challenge was, how they tried to resolve it and how your product or service was the answer. Case studies are especially helpful if your product or service is somewhat complex. The story will help the reader relate to the problem and to the solution.


What is the process of writing a case study?

The typical process involves interviewing you first to see what you want to achieve with your case study and that you have selected the best success story to share. After I get some information from you, I would contact your client and set up a time to interview them to get their story. After I get the information I need, I would begin to write the case study. Once I have an acceptable draft, I would present it to you for your review. At this point we would make any necessary changes or add ins. After your approval, it would go to your client for approval. If your client wants any changes made it would be rewritten to address the changes and resubmitted to you for review. Once it has been approved by you and your client the finished product is emailed to you.


How long does this process take?

It depends on how long it takes to get the interviews. The interview with you should be about 30-45 minutes and with your client it may take up to 90 minutes. The interviews are conducted by phone or Skype. The complete process including interviews, writing and rewriting should take about five to seven days.


What if I have information I don’t want publicized?

I will only write what you are comfortable sharing. I may get more information from you and/or your client than will be written. The more information I have helps me write a successful case study.


What if my client doesn’t want you to use their name or company name?

While it makes for a more believable story with actual names, it can still be written without your client’s name or company name. Nothing will be released without your permission or your client’s permission. I make sure everyone involved is pleased with the case study.


How do I convince my client to participate?

That’s a very good question. And it may be one of the more difficult parts of the process. However, your client’s participation is a benefit for them as well. For example, if your product or service helped your client increase productivity or reduce costs it could be savings passed on to their customers. It shows the client’s initiative to be more efficient at what they do so they can provide a higher quality of service to their customers.


What geographic location do you work in?

I work with businesses anywhere in the United States and any country outside of the U.S. if they are English speaking and can use the case study in English. I do not know how translation would affect the outcome of the case study.



How do I communicate with you?

I communicate by phone, email, Skype or text- whatever works best for you. Finalized case studies are emailed to you.


How do you bill?

My projects are billed 50% at the beginning and the remaining 50% when the project is completed. Depending on the circumstance I can break the payments into thirds- one third at the beginning, one third about midway through the project and the final one third upon completion of the project. Project must be paid in full to be released.


What are your accepted forms of payment?

Presently I am using PayPal. You can use your own credit card or PayPal. If you pay by check, work will begin once the check clears.


How soon can you start on my case study?

That will depend on my current workload. Please contact me to get on the schedule.


I am ready to get started, what should I do?

Contact me either through my contact form or call me, Sabrina Llorance, at 804-527-1588.