Enjoyed writing early in life

The writing bug attacked me when I was in high school. In those days, I wanted to be a songwriter. My mother said I would starve! The other way I knew to make a living as a writer was to write novels. Again, I was faced with starvation!

Finding fulfillment in work

I continued to write and even had some of my work published locally. After high school, I decided to turn down a scholarship in journalism and join the U.S. Navy instead. I got a great job as an air traffic controller. You cannot imagine how empowering that job was for me!  When my term ended I decided to go to business college and take up bookkeeping. That was a big change-from excitement to not-so-much!

Bookkeeping became a short- lived career. I found out after a few months on the job I had already reached the highest I was going to go. So, looking for a better opportunity, I answered an ad in the newspaper for a welder apprentice.

I didn’t even know what a welder was, but I applied, interviewed and was accepted. I started my next career in the shipyards but as a shipfitter instead of a welder. I enjoyed the work. There was something very fulfilling in seeing my projects come to completion.  Planning, working off blueprints, and working with other departments to complete various projects-it was more stimulating than bookkeeping!

But after about 17 years I realized I would prefer doing something a little less physical.

The next few years I went back into bookkeeping, and later worked for a large health care provider. It was not as creative as I would have liked. Managers tend to frown on being creative with accounting!

Strong interest in business

The desire to write and make a long-lasting contribution to the world never left my heart.

In 2015 I enrolled in a copywriting course. The classes were at my own pace and my work was critiqued by the instructors. During the first few weeks of the copywriting course, I knew this was the route I wanted to go. It was a way to help others with my skills.

After completing several courses, I determined to go into business for myself. All throughout my working career I’ve always been drawn to being in business for myself. I tried so many things. None of them lasted very long. Wrong idea, wrong time perhaps.

Drawing on that love for business I decided B2B copywriting was the best place for me to use my skills.

Helping B2B software and technology companies tell their story

Today I write online content such as white papers, case studies, web content and blog posts/articles for software and technology companies. Why the software and technology industry? Because it’s always growing. As an end user, I believe most people feel the same way I do about software and technology. It should be easy to use, low learning curve, accessible, safe and have great support.

I want to help companies get their message to their target customers.

I’m an AWAI trained direct response copywriter. I have additional training in B2B copy, Web copy and various related copywriting. My training has been with some of the best copywriters in the field today. The skills I’ve learned translate into quality leads and more closed sales.

I’m also HubSpot Certified in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Email Marketing. These certifications allow me to make the best use of content. I offer a complete package from creating awareness all the way to maintaining customer satisfaction.

At last, I can put my writing skills to good use!

My goal as a copywriter is to combine my life skills and talent to help your business succeed.

Listening, in my opinion, is almost a lost art. Most of the time we listen to respond.

I listen so I can learn how to help you.

It’s not only about writing!

When I’m not researching, or writing I like to take my motorcycle out and get some air.

I also enjoy traveling in my RV or camping at our scenic state parks here in Virginia.

RV Camping

My life is shared with my spouse and our two cats, Chip and Joseph. Virginia has mountains and beaches and everything in between. It’s a beautiful state.

How can I help you?