6 Simple Tips for an Effective Website Review

How to Perform a Website Review to get Better Results Website Review


Is your website producing the results you want? Are readers leaving quickly and not returning? A simple website review can determine some obvious problem areas.

There are several questions to ask while you review your website:

  • Is your website clear and consistent?
  • Is it scanable?
  • How easy is it to navigate?
  • Are there any slow loading graphics?
  • Does it give the reader something to do?


An unclear, inconsistent website can cause you and your visitors unnecessary frustration.

Here are six simple tips that you can quickly use to see if there is a problem on your site.

1.     Strong, Fresh Content


  • Give readers enough information to help them understand what you do in about 300 words. This will also help search engines identify your page as having relevant information
  • Get to the point. Keep your content short and simple. Readers scan websites for pertinent information. They read short bits of information picking out keywords of interest.
  • Make your content customer focused.
  • A website review can show if you are providing fresh, current content that provides valuable information to the reader and keeps them coming back.
  • Use keyphrases to attract the right visitor.


2.    Easy to Use


  • The primary navigation of your website is at the top of the page or to the left. Never to the right. The right side is reserved for special promotions or news.
  • Use standard naming conventions: Home, About Us, Contact, etc
  • If you have a shopping cart, the button should be in the upper right-hand side.
  • Every page should have clear navigation


3.     Properly Working Links


  • Make links easy to find by coloring them the standard blue and underlined.
  • Use specific language in your link. Instead of “Click here” use “Download your free report”
  • When conducting your website review, make sure all your links work properly by going thru each one. You can use a free broken link checker such as http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com or get a plug-in for your WordPress website.
  • Use keyphrases in your links


4.     Site is Correctly Identified


  • Your company name and logo are in the upper left corner
  • Include a customer-focused tag line that says what you do.
  • Have a dedicated contact page


5.     Proper Use of Graphics and Animation


  • Use photos relevant to the content
  • Let the user choose if they want to an animated introduction to your site.
  • Have videos and audio in the off position. Give the user the option to turn it on.


6.     Graphic Design is not Overwhelming


  • For easy reading use black type on a white black background
  • The most important part of the page is visible on the first screen users see when landing on your page.


Check your website analytics. It can give you valuable information about your website and your visitors.


These are just a few tips for a website review.

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