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 Copywriting for Business to Business

As a B2B copywriter I know that when you, as the decision maker for your business, are faced with decision to buy a product or service, you must consider how it will benefit the company.

Will it increase revenue, increase production, help the company save money and most important how will it benefit you? Will it free up more of your time and perhaps get you that promotion or raise you were looking for?

Most businesses and consumers regularly research on the Internet before making a purchasing decision. That’s why quality, relevant content is so important.

Copywriting and content needs to be produced on a frequent basis.

Sometimes as a business owner or marketing manager of a small team, you don’t always have the time or people to keep your online content as update as you would like. You know it’s more than just putting words online.

If what you publish isn’t attracting buying clients, then it’s like having no content at all.

You can rank number one on a search page. But if your audience isn’t engaged with your content or your website lacks in educating and building trust -it’s not doing its job no matter what your goal is.


Providing professional copywriting services


I help businesses with copywriting and online content such as blog posts, case studies and video scripts. I can also review the content on your website to evaluate if it’s written in a way to attract leads and turn them into buying clients.

Sometimes, due to financial issues or time constraints, we just go along with giving the web designer a few blurbs about the business and that’s what is put on the website.

To attract clients and convert them into sales, you need professional copywriting.

You already understand and value the benefits of having fresh content that will generate quality leads. Keeping content  fresh and relevant is where you most likely need help.


Take a look at my services listed below to see how I can help you.


Cost-effective copywriting and content solutions to help you generate quality leads and sales



Website Review

If you are not getting the results you want from your website you probably need a review of your content.

Video Scripts

Videos are a solid way to reach your potential client.

Case Studies

Tell the success story of how your product or service helped a business


Blog Posts

Increase awareness of your business and develop an interactive relationship with your clients.



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86 percent of B2B marketers are actively using a content marketing strategy per a report by Content Marketing Institute.


83% of B2B marketers use content marketing for lead generation. Report by ion Interactive: The 75 Essential Content Marketing Stats You Need to Know.



Per dollar spent, content marketing generates approximately 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing. report by ion Interactive: The 75 Essential Content Marketing Stats You Need to Know.


68% of B2B companies are still struggling with lead generation. Report by ion Interactive: The 75 Essential Content Marketing Stats You Need to Know.