Blog Posts: Connecting with Your Prospect

 Blog Posts

Blog posts are an opportunity to strengthen your relationship with prospects and customers by addressing their concerns, issues and questions.

A well-written blog post will drive traffic to your website and convert readers into buyers.

A successful blog benefits the readers.

Blog content focuses on the reader. Instead of talking about sales, products or services you provide information that a reader can readily use. Relevant content that is helpful to your readers can develop a devout following, gain trust and lead to sales.

Blog posts will help your business by:

  • Building relationships
  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Bringing repeat business
  • Converting readers to buyers
  • Giving readers valuable information that will build loyalty



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Blog posts are an essential part of your inbound marketing plan. Blog content creation is the second most specific priority in inbound marketing . Growing SEO/organic presence was number one. (per Hubspot-State-of-Inbound-Report-2016)

Per Hubspot report in 2015, companies that product 16 or more blog posts each month receive 3.5 timers more traffic than companies that did so only 1-4 times a month.


To be able to grow your SEO/organic presence you will need good, valuable content.